All-of-Life Discipleship Institute

All-of-Life Discipleship Institute consists of topical-based classes offered on Sunday mornings. These classes are designed to help you in the pursuit of learning and living the Gospel in every relationship. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the class that would be most beneficial to you and your spiritual growth. See the course descriptions.

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Winter 2019 Course Descriptions

Church Membership & Discovering your Spiritual Gifts
– John LoRusso

In an age when commitments are easily broken, it is critical that disciples of Christ obey two of God’s basic commandments – to commit to a local church, and to server one another through the use of spiritual gifts. As Hebrews 10:25 states, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another…” The first-half of this course will explain why and how you should join a local church, and what that means specifically here at CCBFC. The second-half of the course will help you discover your God-given spiritual gifts, and how you can use those gifts to edify the body of Christ. Join Pastor LoRusso in this course as he helps you make a commitment to join our church, and then to discover and use your unique spiritual gifts.

Gospel-Centered Marriage: Becoming a Couple God Desires
– Adam & Laura Crain and Tim & Julie Sebastian

“And they lived happily ever after…” How often do we believe the fairy-tale story that marriage is an easy journey made up only of romance and bliss? Many couples are shocked when they find difficulties arising in their marriages. Far too often they are unprepared or ill-equipped to face the inevitable hardships. It is the Crain’s and Sebastian’s desire to help couples (re)discover that marriages thrive only when Gospel-centered. Through examining God’s beautiful plan for marriage in Scripture and practical relational tools, this course will help couples navigate essentials for a healthy marriage such as conflict resolution and forgiveness. Join the Crains and Sebastians in exploring how to have a Gospel-centered marriage.

(Note: This course is for recently married couples only; 0 to 5 years of marriage)

Doctrine of Salvation – Part 1
– Chris Von Holt and Daniel Waterman

In Psalm 102:19-20, we are given a glimpse into God’s heart — a heart that hears the groans of imprisoned sinners and desires to release them from condemnation. In this course, we will systematically study how God saves sinners. Part 1 will cover the Biblical and logical progression of salvation, focusing on God’s providence and work. Part 2 will cover our response to God’s saving work and then review the history of this doctrine from the early church fathers to the current differing beliefs within the Christian tradition. But most importantly, we will explore God’s Word and marvel at His constant loving pursuit of His fallen image bearers. Join us for an exciting study of God saving sinners!

Thank God it’s Monday: A Biblical Theology of Work
– Cliff Boone

Have you ever considered your work as a good gift from God, a royal stewardship entrusted to you where you can love others, demonstrate God’s righteousness, and above all, worship Him? Unfortunately, many people today feel dissatisfaction and frustration in their workplace. Is this you? Join Pastor Boone in a study of the biblical teaching about work and discover God’s intimate concern for it, and how He wants you to use your work for more than just providing for your daily needs through it. So, whether you are a paid employee, a homemaker, or retired, this course will renew your enthusiasm and sense of purpose for the work God has given you.

The Gospel of Matthew
– Steve Klase

Who was Jesus and what was he teaching? Why was he always breaking deeply-valued rules and traditions? And why were the religious leaders of his time so quick to reject him? The Gospel of Matthew wrestles with these questions, not just for the Jews and Gentiles in the 1st century, but also for us today. From fulfilling prophecies to demanding radical obedience, Jesus challenges us to take a deep look at our lives and confront our natural religious mindset. Join Steve Klase for an intimate look at Jesus and his teaching, and to learn what it means to forsake everything in order to follow Him.

Apologetics & World View
– Blaire Wade

Have you ever wished you could defend your faith to a co-worker, neighbor, or even a family member? Are you concerned that your children or grandchildren are being taught a belief system in direct opposition to Scripture, and you are unsure how to respond? In this course, you will be challenged to think more deeply about your beliefs and belief system through the use of Classical Apologetics. We will look at reality, the Scriptures and the Christian Worldview and see how they perfectly integrate and make sense of life. Finally, we will consider ways that we can help the next generation consider the intellectual reasonableness of faith in Christ. Come and learn how to defend your faith, and why a life in submission to Christ is so very reasonable.