All-of-Life Discipleship Institute

All-of-Life Discipleship Institute consists of topical-based classes offered on Sunday mornings. These classes are designed to help you in the pursuit of learning and living the Gospel in every relationship. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the class that would be most beneficial to you and your spiritual growth. See the course descriptions.

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Fall 2018 Course Descriptions

Life in the Body of Christ
Glenn Felty

Do you struggle with feeling connected with others in the church? Do you wish for stronger relationships at CCBFC, but you don’t really know what to do? Take heart, as you are not alone! Through the study of Paul’s writings in the New Testament, we will discover God’s desire for each of us to fulfill our part in the local church. We will learn that every member of the body of Christ has a contribution to make towards building up each other. We will especially focus on the “one another” commands to help us grow in our fellowship with God and with each other. Join this exciting exploration of God’s Word as we study the attitudes and actions that God desires we display towards one another.

Parenting Toddlers Part 2
Jon & Simona King

Anyone who has raised a toddler knows how intense, demanding, exhausting, and difficult it can be. However, parenting a toddler can also be a tremendous blessing despite the hardships. Join Jon and Simona in studying practical, biblical principles focused on raising children, especially toddlers. This course will help parents understand the development of a toddler, while exploring a toddler’s ever-changing world. Parents will be encouraged to remain lovingly consistent with their toddlers, and to cherish the high calling of raising children during these wonderfully
difficult years. Join us as we encourage each other to glorify God and reflect His character while parenting young children.

Doctrine of Sin and Man
Chris Von Holt

Horrific, depressing, full of pain and suffering. These are just a few adjectives that describe the news from today’s headlines. But have you ever really thought about why the world always seems to be in such a mess? In this course, we will learn about man’s origin, man’s worth, and man’s problem – rebellion against God (also known as sin). We will discover the extreme attachment we have to sin, and the consequent profound guilt we have before God. This course will help you grasp the depth of our natural, sinful state and the immense need we have of salvation from our depravity.

The Book of Proverbs
Francisco DeSouza

You may already know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But did you know that the book of Proverbs also contains wonderfully practical advice on our relationships with others? This course is an in-depth study of Proverbs, with the goal of encouraging you to a life-long pursuit of biblical wisdom in all of your relationships. Did you know that the word “wisdom” in Hebrew means “skill”? Wisdom is primarily a social skill, and this course will teach you how to relate to all people, and particularly to difficult people. Come and learn how to fear the Lord, and how to pursue what is right, just, and fair in all your relationships.

How to Study The Bible
Dan Waterman

Do you struggle with studying the Bible? Are you discouraged with your personal Bible study time? Do you feel as if parts of the Bible simply do not make any sense? In this class, we will focus on a critical question that many of us never consider – do I know how to study the Bible? We will break down the “why” and “how” of studying the Bible. We will examine various methods of Bible study and review the types and styles of writing that make up God’s Word. We will learn together how to enjoy the treasure of the Bible, with the goal of transforming our personal study to one that is deep, refreshing, and exciting.

Gospel Forgiveness & Gospel Freedom
Cliff Boone

In Romans 6:6, we are given a wonderful promise that if we belong to Christ, God rescues us from the enslavement of sin. This course will explore the promise of true freedom found only in Christ, helping you understand the amazing forgiveness and freedom from sin that can be yours. From Christ’s work on the cross to the Holy Spirit’s assistance in our daily lives, we will look at the amazing way God changes us and conforms us to His image. Do you desire to understand more fully the power of God’s forgiveness of your sin? Are you ready to fully experience the freedom from sin you desire? Join Pastor Boone for this critical study on sanctification, and how to walk with the Lord more intimately every day