Making disciple of jesus christ

Care Ministry

Providing Physical and Soul Care for Our Members

Caring for the Church

Life is often hard and at times we need a listening ear and wisdom to help as navigate the deep waters. Proverbs 20:5 says “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Our Pastors, volunteer counselors, and counseling partners all believe that the Word of God is the source for truth and draw their understanding for this truth. 

Through empathy, compassion, and skillful understanding of your problem, and desire is to help you navigate and grow in Christ through whatever difficulty you may have.


Get Involved

Shepherding Pastor: Adam Crain 

Phone: 610-432-2200


Support Groups

Post Adoption / Foster Care

We provide a place to come together for encouragement and support


Care and guidance for men who find themselves struggling with sexual purity issues

Pastoral and Individual Counseling


During our struggles we see Jesus Christ entering in and making significant changes in people's lives every day.

Visitation Ministry

Our Visitation Ministry is divided into two teams: Homebound and Hospital. Despite being in different environments, they share the same mission—to provide fellowship, encouragement, and support to otherwise isolated members who cannot be physically present to worship with the body on Sunday mornings.


Visiting the homes of members in our church family who cannot attend Sunday services.


Visiting members of our church family who are in the hospital.

Hospitality Ministry

Do you enjoy opening your home to others? If so, consider joining our Hospitality Team, which hosts visitors at our church.

Hospitality Team

Welcoming new people at Cedar Crest by hosting them at your home.

Other Care Ministries

For more information about our Care ministries please call 610-432-2200.

Widow Ministry

Looking out for and caring for the widows and widowers of our congregation

Meal Ministry

When people in our church go through surgeries, illnesses, new births or family losses, a nice home-cooked meal can be one of the best ways to be a caring church.


We help you celebrate and commemorate the life of your loved one


We're excited to see you start this new season of life in a way that please Christ