Discipleship Institute


DI Director: Pastor Chris Von Holt

Phone: 610-432-2200

Email: discipleshipinstitute@cedarcrest.church

What is Discipleship Institute?

The bible teaches a discipleship which encompasses every facet of our life and promises us the power to change. This teaching has been arranged into a framework which we call: Discipleship Institute. The institute exists to enhance our understanding and practice of this kind of discipleship – fully biblical & life changing. 

Sunday Mornings

From September through June we offer 18 classes spread out through 3 twelve week trimesters. These classes take pace between our two worship services from 10:00 – 11:00 AM. The Connect Center has information as to which classes are currently offered and where there are located. 

Courses - Winter Trimester

“I love and need Jesus, but not the Church.” Have you ever heard this or even thought this yourself? The Church is Jesus’ Bride whom He loves, died for, rescued, and will one day bring home! One’s view and understanding of Church leads to either great blessing or grave consequences both corporately and individually. Whether you are a new believer, or have followed Christ for decades, join us as we look at this often-neglected doctrine in order to learn how it impacts our spiritual growth, our ministry, and our mission to the world around us.

Do you look forward to sharing your faith with others? If you are like many, evangelism may not come easy. In fact, it may seem intimidating and downright frightening at times. In this class, we will help prepare you to share your faith by learning what to say through various methods. If you want to be more obedient in sharing the Gospel, then join us in this course as we discover how to naturally include God in our conversations with those around us.

What is your view on money? Have you ever given thought to the fact that Scripture tells us all things belong to King Jesus (Col. 1:16)? As His followers, we are called to care for and use what is His for His glory and His purposes. This does not just apply generally to our money; in fact, Scripture speaks specifically about money and its relation to our lives over 2,000 times! So, whether you are just starting out, retired, or somewhere in between, God has spoken to you about earning, spending, saving, investing, planning, giving, debt, and so much more. Join us as we learn to be faithful stewards with the money God has so graciously entrusted to each of us!

Who are you leading? Who are you following? Have you answered those questions? All of us are following someone and everyone eventually leads someone else. As we study the book of Joshua, and more specifically, the man whom the book is named after, we will see how God’s overarching plan for His people impacts our journey as followers and as leaders. Most importantly, we will see how the Joshua of the Old Testament points forward to the life and leadership of the Joshua of the New Testament, Jesus Christ, the greatest leader who ever lived!

Missions. That’s a word often loosely used in the American church and sadly, so is its definition and significance. What missions is, why it is important, and how we can all be involved are questions that most of us either do not know the answer to or have been misinformed. In this course, we will explore the foundation of missions from Scripture, see how the church has participated in this work for millennia, and how the church and each individual in it (including you!) is called by God to join in this work that is so close to His heart!