Discipleship Institute Fall Trimester


Gospel Forgiveness and Gospel Freedom

In Romans 6:6, we are given a wonderful promise that if we belong to Christ, God rescues us from the enslavement of sin. This course will explore the promise of true freedom found only in Jesus Christ. We will look at the amazing way God changes us and conforms us to His image through Christ's work on the cross and the Holy Spirit's assistance in our daily lives. Join us for this critical study on sanctification, and how to walk with the Lord more intimately every day.

Blair Wade

Blair studied at Wheaton College and at Case Western Reserve University, earning a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering. He has spent the past 30+ years working for Nalco Water, where he frequently speaks and teaches in his current role as Sales Operations Manager for Innovation and Technology. Blair and Donna have been married for 35 years, have raised four children, and currently enjoy being grandparents. Blair serves Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church as a teacher, from youth and high school classes, to adults and ALDI courses.

Christology: The Doctrine of Christ

Do you understand the purpose and work of Christ? Do you know why Jesus' death on the cross was both necessary and sufficient? Can you properly explain how Christ was both man and God? In this class, we will consider the wonderful truths of Christ and His work of salvation for us. We will consider some common errors when thinking about Christ, with the goal of learning how we can share the Gospel more confidently. Join us for a deep, intimate study of our Savior, and of His great love for us.

Jared Miller

Jared works as a data analyst for Smooth-On, Inc. He is currently pursuing a management degree at DeSales University. He and his wife Rebecca have been married for 17 years, and they have four children. Jared has been teaching middle school and high school Sunday School classes at Cedar Crest for several years. He currently serves as an adult leader with the youth group, and with the boys’ Battalion ministry. He previously served as a deacon at a former church.

Habakkuk: When Life's Not Fair

We all face unfair situations in life. And when this occurs, we have questions...many questions. The Old Testament prophet Habakkuk also faced an unfair situation. And he had questions. But God responded to his questions with a seemingly unfair answer, an answer that broke his heart. In this class, we will study this often-neglected book and seek to understand the powerful lessons Habakkuk learned about the fairness of life. Lessons that are just as relevant for us today.

Dean Ressler

Dean grew up on the mission field, and then served as a missionary for 24 years in the southern Caribbean with TEAM and Fellowship International Mission.  Dean earned a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries degree from Calvary Bible College, and then a Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Ministry from Columbia International University.  Dean currently serves as Missionary Personnel Associate at the FIM Home Office, and has a writing ministry in the Papiamentu language.  Dean and Ingrid have been married for 35 years, have one daughter, and one grandchild.

Parenting Adult Children

Do you have adult children and struggle in your relationships with them? In this class, we will discover ways to maintain godly relationships with our grown-up "kids", whether they are on their own or living back home. We will learn how to avoid common mistakes in relating to adult children, including the need to change our parental roles. Join us as we will consider how to intentionally develop peaceful, loving and harmonious relationships with our adult children.

John Colabroy

John was a self-employed contractor on the Jersey shore for over 40 years before retiring in 2014.  John now uses his skills and gifts at CCBFC, serving as an elder and member of the Administration and Building Committees.  John and his wife Donna came to know the Lord in their late 20s, and consequently have a passion for ministering to college and beginning career-aged adults.  John also enjoys serving with the Battalion boys in Christian Service Brigade.  John and Donna have been married 43 years, have three children, and eight grandchildren.

Timothy Moyer

Timothy Moyer recently retired as Director of Automotive Product Engineering after working for 47 years at East Penn Manufacturing Co.  He previously earned an Electronics Technician degree from Lincoln Technical Institute.  Timothy currently serves as an elder at CCBFC, as well as on the elder board steering committee, the pastoral relations committee, the nominating committee, the membership and baptism committee and the contemporary service music worship team.  He previously served as an elder at Kutztown Bible Fellowship for 15 years prior to coming to Cedar Crest.  Timothy and his wife Dawn have been married for 44 years.  They have three children and four grandchildren.

How to Study The Bible

Do you struggle with studying the Bible? Do you feel as if parts of the Bible simply do not make any sense? In this class, we will examine a critical issue that many of us never consider - do I know how to study the Bible? We will break down the "how" of studying God's Word by examining various methods of Bible study. We will review the various styles of writing contained in the Bible, and together learn how to uncover the wonderful truths waiting for us in God's Word.

Daniel Waterman

Dan graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and then from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.  Dan works as a branch manager for Allied Security Services.  Dan and his wife Kristina have been attending CCBFC for over 22 years.  They have been married for 29 years, have 11 children and two grandchildren.  Dan currently serves as an elder, LifeGroup leader, Stockade ministry leader, and teacher for Discipleship Institute classes.

The Bible: A Lamp Unto Our Feet

Are you able to explain the development of the Bible? Are you able to respond to someone who asks how can you know that the Bible is God's Word, and not just a collection of man-made stories? In this class we will study the history of the Bible and its various editions, including the development of the canons of the Old Testament and New Testament. We will explore the many reasons we can trust the Bible, why we can rely on its contents, and know how all of it points to Jesus.

Rick Whitmire

Rick is employed as Vice President, Wealth Management for Cuna Mutual.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Messiah College.  Rick and his wife, Keri Colabroy Whitmire, have been married for 17 years, and have two children.  They particularly enjoy ministering to young adults and college students.  Rick currently serves as an elder at Cedar Crest, after serving for many years as a deacon.

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