Discipleship Institute, Allentown, PA, Bible Study

What is Discipleship Institute?

The bible teaches a discipleship which encompasses every facet of our life and promises us the power to change. This teaching has been arranged into a framework which we call: Discipleship Institute

The institute exists to enhance our understanding and practice of this kind of discipleship – fully biblical & life changing. 


Pastor: Chris Von Holt

Phone: 610-432-2200

Email: discipleshipinstitute@cedarcrest.church

2021 Sunday Morning

Classes will begin January 17th,  2021 and will have a new hybrid format. You will find on the schedule Fresh Encounter (prayer and worship) and Topical Q&A sessions (Pastor led time).  Please register if you are planning to attend a Discipleship Class to ensure we have selected the right room size for the class. 

All sessions will run from 8:45AM – 9:45AM. 

Parents: Children’s classes are available for ages Nursery-5th grade, Middle School and High School starting January 17th


Schedule & Classes

Sunday morning 8:45AM – 9:45AM

We’re excited to begin Sunday morning Discipleship Institute classes on January 17th, 2021. Information about the location of each class will be available after registration. 

17-Jan  Start DI #1
24-Jan DI #2
31-Jan Congregational Meeting Following the service
7-Feb DI #3
14-Feb DI #4
21-Feb Fresh Encounter
28-Feb DI #5
7-Mar DI #6
14-Mar Spring Ahead Pastor Q & A / Single topic
21-Mar DI #7
28-Mar DI #8
4-Apr Fresh Encounter
11-Apr Ladies retreat/Sno Glo Pastor Q & A / Single topic
18-Apr DI #9
25-Apr Sno Glo (Youth) DI #10
2-May Pastor Q & A / Single topic
9-May Mother’s Day DI #11
16-May DI #12
23-May Fresh Encounter

Learning and Loving the Church

Chris Von Holt & Dan Waterman

 “I love and need Jesus, but not the Church.” Have you ever heard this or even thought this yourself? The Church is Jesus’ Bride whom He loves, died for, rescued, and will one day bring home! The biblical understanding of His Bride, the Church, has been skewed and misunderstood for centuries and a false understanding of the Church has grave consequences. Whether you are a new believer, or have followed Christ for decades, join us as we look at this often-neglected doctrine and learn how it impacts our spiritual growth, our ministry, and our mission to the world around us.

Genesis 1-11: The Foundation of the Bible 

Glenn Felty & Dave Kohler

While this course is open to everyone, we encourage parents of pre-teens and teens to attend. Participants will be equipped to answer questions such as:  Which gives us the truth about the origin of the universe – Evolution or the Bible? If there is a good and loving God then why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? Was there really an actual ark and how could they get all the animals on it?  Was there really a worldwide flood?  If so, what is the evidence? Where did all the people groups and languages of the earth come from?  Participants will be prepared to confidently answer these questions based on the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. 

Financial Stewardship and Biblical Wisdom

Duane Peoples

What is your view on money? Have you ever given thought to the fact that Scripture tells us all things belong to King Jesus (Col. 1:16)? As His followers, we are called to care for and use what is His for His glory and His purposes. This does not just apply generally to our money; in fact, Scripture speaks specifically about money and its relation to our lives over 2,000 times! So, whether you are just starting out, retired, or somewhere in between, God has spoken to you about earning, spending, saving, investing, planning, giving, debt, and so much more. Join us as we learn to be faithful stewards with the money God has so graciously entrusted to each of us!


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