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Christ’s Great Commission to the church compels us to Go into All the World to make disciples.

Making Disciples in Two Contexts


Strengthening the Church Where it Exists


Establishing the Church Where it Does not Exist

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How Will They Hear?

Chad 2021

How will they hear? This is the question Paul asks of us in Romans 10:14. How are those who have never heard of the name of Jesus Christ supposed to hear of His good news? God has granted us the privilege to go! To take His name to the uttermost parts of the world where those who haven’t heard of Him might have a chance to hear and believe in Jesus! 

Chad 2021


One of the great blessings God has given to Cedar Crest over the past decades is the opportunity to be involved in sending missionaries throughout the world and partnering with them in some very exciting strategic outreaches to a number of unreached people groups.

Unreached People Groups

People Groups‎: ‎17,297
% Unreached Groups‎: ‎42.6%
Unreached Groups‎: ‎7,367
Population‎: ‎7.67 Billion
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Outreach Pastor: John LoRusso

Asst. Director: Alex Hartranft

Phone: 610-432-2200


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