Global Outreach

Christ’s Great Commission to the church compels us to Go into All the World to make disciples. One of the great blessings God has given to Cedar Crest over the past decades is the opportunity to be involved in sending missionaries throughout the world and partnering with them in some very exciting strategic outreaches to a number of unreached people groups.


We have a rich history of relationships in Tanzania and God is blessing our attempts to raise up several teams of new missionaries to go to the unreached people groups in East Africa.

Going As A Missionary

Have you ever seriously considered career missions? How about joining a training oriented team for 2-3 years to get your feet wet? Do you have some other creative ideas for missions or are you just curious what life as a missionary would be like? Or maybe you are a parent whose child has begun to talk about being a missionary but you are unsure what that means or how to help them take the next steps. We have a Personnel Development team that is here to answer your questions and help you through the process from first thoughts through the application process and on through fund-raising until you reach your field of service.

There are several types of missionary assignment. You can go short term, as part of a several week team, on your own as part of a vacation or even under a mission board as a short-term volunteer.

You can also be sent from the church as a long-term or career missionary. The information below describes the process for this kind of missionary service. All applicants are overseen by the Outreach D-Team. They are also overseen by our Missions Pastor, John LoRusso.

Short Term Missions

Every year Cedar Crest sends out a number of short term teams, as well as encouraging its members to participate with other short term projects. We typically send a variety of teams each year—some to do work projects with a mix of highly skilled and minimally to unskilled laborers, some to do vacation Bible school and other children’s ministries, some to do mercy ministries, and some to aid in other forms of outreach. There are trips open to anyone from teens through senior citizens.

We place a high priority on getting our members actively involved in short-term missions, summer missions trips, and other mission projects. We consider it important that each candidate receive training relative to the type of ministry in which he will be involved. We will help applicants learn of short-term opportunities. We will develop a program in the church for selecting candidates and matching them with appropriate ministries. We will encourage all career and term missionary candidates to first experience a short-term ministry.

Supporting Missions

Missionaries are never called to go it on their own. For every missionary out on the field there is a team of dozens, even hundreds, of people behind the scenes. Some are praying for them daily, others are writing and sending cards and packages to encourage them, others are supporting them financially on a regular basis, some may even visit them on the field to encourage them and/or minister alongside them. To help you support missions we have constructed a Hall of Missions outside the main worship center with information and current prayer letters from every missionary the church supports. We also offer a faith promise giving program, denominational prayer calendars and emails, a missions directory of addresses and birthdays, and much more.

Contact John LoRusso or call 610.432.2200 to learn more about global outreach opportunities.