New People Group Adoption

How Will They Hear?

God is still at work in all the nations by saving a people to Himself, that will worship Him for all eternity. In early 2020 a Survey Team, from Cedar Crest BFC, was sent out to different people groups in the country of Chad, North Africa, and our elders have decided to adopt the (K) People Group of West Chad to hear the Gospel. God willing, in 2021 Cedar Crest will send a team to preach the Gospel to the (K) people in hopes to begin a church planting movement. 

Preach the Word

The main thing is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the (K) People Group. The (K) people need to see the body of Christ in their everyday lives, and the Gospel being lived out by faith. To do that, we believe an effective and fruitful ministry is done in healthy teams that display a picture of the body of Christ. The plan would be to join an AIM team that will be on the ground in 2021 with the ultimate goal of planting a church. 

Invitation to Come

We want to see a church among the (K), and this would require believers to step out in faith. The doors are wide open to go. The local authorities have expressed for a few years now that the invitation to come is open, and live and serve among their people.  All we need now is the people to go.  

Reaching the People

The needs are great in these in 4 different areas:

Cultural Center

The team would live among the (K) People Group, learn the native language and help at the cultural center. The cultural center is a perfect place in town to serve and build relationships with the people. The cultural center is a place for after school activities such as sports, drama, music, computers and community health. 

English teachers

Another option to reach the people is through teaching English at local government schools, and also the private christian school, run by the local Chadian church.

Health and Malnutrition

While we visited in March, the local government officials have shared with us the great need that exists  to help the local people become better informed and educated about their own health and enable themselves to deal with the constant threats of malnutrition, high infant/maternal mortality rate, and basic health issues such as diarrhea and malaria. We see community health center, especially for women, as a wide open door to help the local people as well as a great way to make contacts for the Gospel.

Local Non-Indigenous Church

We want to see the local church mobilized to think and live on a mission. The church pastor and its elders have also openly welcomed the partnership. So our work on the ground would be done alongside the local church to edify, and build itself up to take on the ministry of reconciliation that Jesus has given to us. To that end we would actively participate in the local church seeking to encourage, model and times of teaching from the word of God, and training up leaders and local pastors. The ministry in the local church is essential for a long lasting change in the region and it must start with the hearts of the believers. 

Want to join the 2021 team?

The needs are great, the invitation is open, and all we need is the people to go. Is God asking you to obey and go? 

Begin by praying for Christ to reveal His plans to you and the people around you. Ask Him to give you a desire to make His name great among the nations. After that, spend some time in God’s word and allow Him to shape your heart.

Discuss your involvement with a pastor.

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