“Right Side Up In An Upside Down World — an attempt to capture the apostle Paul’s message to the young church in Thessalonica. The Thessalonians had just recently believed in the Lord — their lives were dramatically changed by the message of Jesus; their spiritual eyes were opened; their hearts were desiring and seeking after things which were diametrically opposed to their previous desires. What they once thought right they now saw as wrong, and what they once scorned they now loved.
Paul encourages these believers to live right in a world that runs contrary to the will of God.
We too live in a world that doesn’t understand, doesn’t like and often doesn’t accept the perspective that comes from entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We too need help to live Right Side Up In An Upside Down World.”

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Psalms Resources

Our previous sermon series took us through the Psalms, where Pastor Boone challenged us to Pray Five Psalms A Day. Click the link below for resources and tips to help you pray the Psalms.

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