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You have been entrusted with so much… God’s word, friends, money, abilities, time, your body, to name a few. Are you mastering these area of your life, or are they mastering you?

Consider this: if your spending was published in a newspaper, would you be ashamed? what would it reveal about your heart? If an outsider evaluated your relationships, would they be “me-centered” or “others-focused”?

Join us for a 7-part series on stewardship where we will learn how to flip the script on various areas of life. No more “keeping up with the Jones’.” It’s time to follow Jesus. What He said about these areas is still relevant today, and something to consider and live out.

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Psalms Resources

Our previous sermon series took us through the Psalms, where Pastor Boone challenged us to Pray Five Psalms A Day. Click the link below for resources and tips to help you pray the Psalms.

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